Serum albumin molecular mobility in water solutions, containing iron chloride III

Victoria V. Gibizova, Viktor A. Sapozhnikov, Ksenia V. Fedorova, Galina P. Petrova


The lack or overload of iron in living organism can cause different diseases, including those related to the serum blood. In this connection the basic blood proteins, in particular, albumin, can change their charge, conformation, molecular mobility, etc. Due to this fact, it is of undoubtful interest to study the molecular dynamical processes that occur in water solutions of serum albumin under the effect of iron ions. In the present work we performed comparative studies of optical properties of bovine serum albumin (BSA) water solutions and BSA solutions with the addition of Iron(III) chloride by light scattering.


dynamic light scattering; static light scattering; translation diffusion coefficient; hydrodynamic radius; intermolecular interaction coefficient

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