Optical non-invasive diagnostics of microcirculatory-tissue systems of the human body: questions of metrological and instrumentation provision

Evgeny A. Zherebtsov, Victor V. Dremin, Angelina I. Zherebtsova, Irina N. Makovik, Andrey V. Dunaev


Optical techniques are one of the most promising non-invasive technologies for the diagnosis of medical conditions. This work is devoted to the current state of the optical non-invasive diagnostics (OND), especially about instrumentation as well as methodological and metrological provision for this technology. In some details Laser Doppler Flowmetry (LDF) and Fluorescence Spectroscopy (FS) diagnostics methods are considered. The main conclusion is that it is necessary to solve the problems of metrological support OND devices of these types. It is also important to develop a methodology based on diagnostic criteria obtained from a relationship between a number of OND methods and others.


optical non-invasive diagnostics; blood microcirculation; biotissue; laser Doppler flowmetry; fluorescence spectroscopy

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