Characterization of porous media based on the polarimetric matrix models

Sergey Savenkov, Alexander Priezzhev, Yevgen Oberemok, Ivan Kolomiets, Pertti Silfsten, Tuomas Ervasti, Jarkko Ketolainen, Kai-Erik Peiponen


In this paper, we measured the Mueller matrices of the samples with different porosity in the visible range (the wavelength of the input radiation ) for the observation angles from  to . The samples under study were the tablets made of microcrystalline cellulose with the known values of porosity. To characterize the depolarizing properties of the studied samples we used the matrix models of depolarizing medium, in which the Mueller matrices describing depolarization have different structure and include different numbers of parameters. It is shown that Mueller polarimetry ensures at least 5% accuracy of porosity identification for this class of objects at the wavelength .


Mueller matrix; porosity; depolarization; linear birefringence; circular birefringence

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