Laser effect on paralimbal and trabecular zones of the eye enchases hydraulic conductivity of the sclera toward normalization of the intraocular pressure

Olga Baum, Georgy Zheltov, Andrej Bolshunov, Aleksey Yuzhakov, Alexander Omelchenko, Maria Obrezkova, Emil Sobol


This paper presents the concepts and theoretical basics of the laser activation in drainage system function of eye sclera through laser effect on both paralimbal and trabecular zones including both known tracts of the intraocular fluid outflow from the eye. To address the problem of laser procedure security and consistency of obtained result, the development processes of stationary and non-stationary temperature fields and thermal stresses were studied and leading to increase in eye tissue hydraulic conductivity and providing normalization of intraocular pressure at wavelength of 1.56 µm and 534 nm.


laser; porous system; hydraulic conductivity; intraocular pressure; paralimbal and trabecular zones

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