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Special section of
Journal of Biomedical Photonics & Engineering, 2017 (Vol. 4, No. 1)
Laser and Biomedical Technologies in Biomedicine and Ecology

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Papers will be peer‐reviewed in accordance with the journal's established policies and procedures. All articles will be issued online immediately after acceptance of the manuscript for publication: the median interval between acceptance decision and online publication is 8 days.
January 15, 2018

Special issue Editors:
Aleksandra M. Mayorova
Valery P. Zakharov

Lebedev Physical Institute, Samara Branch
Tel. office: +7(846)3355731
E-mail: mayorovaal@gmail.com

Samara National Research University
Tel. office: +7 (846) 267-45- 50
E-mail: zakharov@ssau.ru


This special section is planned as a collection of selected papers presented at Workshop “Biophotonics” of XV All-Russian Youth Samara contest-conference of scientific papers on optics and laser physics (November 14-18, 2018, Samara, Russia). Papers focused on optical techniques of medical diagnostics, device engineering for medicine and ecological applications, simulation of interaction of laser radiation with biological tissues and biopolymers, nanoparticles use for biomedical, determination of parameters of biological tissue are invited.