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Special section of
Journal of Biomedical Photonics & Engineering, 2022 (Vol. 8, No. 1)
Biophotonics Technologies (dedicated to the memory of Dr. Alexey N. Bashkatov)

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January 15, 2022

Guest Editors:

Ivan A. Bratchenko, PhD

Samara National Research University, Russia
E-mail: iabratchenko@gmail.com

Luís Oliveira, PhD

Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal
E-mail: lmo@isep.ipp.pt

Valery P. Zakharov, DSc

Samara National Research University, Russia
E-mail: zakharov@ssau.ru

Elina A. Genina, DSc

Saratov State University, Russia
E-mail: eagenina@yandex.ru

Valery V. Tuchin, DSc, corr.-member of the RAS

Saratov State University, Russia
National Research Tomsk State University, Russia
Institute of Precision Mechanics and Control of the RAS, Saratov, Russia
E-mail: tuchinvv@mail.ru


This special section is planned as a collection of selected papers presented at Saratov Fall Meeting 2021 – International Symposium on Optics and Biophotonics (September 28 – October 1, 2021, Saratov, Russia). Papers focused on optical and laser technologies for medicine and biology, morphology, precision mechanics and control of tissues and cells, related material and environmental problems, optical imaging, spectroscopy and molecular modeling are invited. We would dedicate this section to our friend and a member of J-BPE Editorial Board - Prof. Alexei N. Bashkatov, who is passed away on November 7, 2021 due to a sudden heart attack.

Prof. Bashkatov was graduated from the Department of Optics of Saratov State University in 1993, where he worked following thirty years in diligent teaching and solid research. Alexey Bashkatov is a co-author of 17 book chapters, 11 patents, and more than 350 scientific and conference papers, full text reports in the field of biophotonics. His investigations dedicated to diverse scientific fields including theoretical and experimental research in the optics of biological tissues, biological and medical physics, biophotonics, biomedical optics, and control of optical parameters of biological tissues, etc. He was renowned globally for his great scientific achievements. Prof. Bashkatov contributed as a Special Editor of several J-BPE issues and as a co-Editor of Special Sections related to Tissue Optics and Spectroscopy.
The following topics are of the special interest:
  • Photon migration in tissues
  • Diffusion wave and correlation spectroscopy of tissues
  • Spectrophotometry, fluorescence, nonlinear and Raman spectroscopy of tissues
  • Static and dynamic light scattering in tissues
  • Coherent optical methods for medical diagnostics
  • Cell and tissue coherent microscopy
  • Optical diffusion and coherent medical topography and tomography
  • Laser Doppler measuring systems for medicine and biology
  • Full field speckle-correlation biomedical techniques
  • Optical techniques of biovibrations measurements
  • Optical polarimetric methods for study of tissues and cell structures
  • Photothermal and photoacoustic methods for tissue diagnostics
  • Optical biopsy
  • Optical microelastography of tissues
  • Osmotic effects and optical monitoring of matter diffusion in tissues
  • Tissue and blood optical clearing
  • Optical glucose sensing
  • Laser and optical technologies in microbiology
  • Tissue phantoms designing
  • Photochemical, photothermal and photobiological effects, mechanisms of phototherapy
  • High energy laser interactions with cells and tissues, laser surgery techniques
  • Lasers and optical technologies in dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, cardiology, dentistry, etc
  • Microchannel and photonic crystal technologies in biology and medicine
  • Biosensors