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Valery V.  Tuchin  - Saratov National Research State University, Russian Federation; Institute of Precision Mechanics and Control RAS, Russian Federation; a corr.-member of RAS  ORCID   ResearcherID   Scopus

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Valery P.  Zakharov - Samara National Research University, Russian Federation  ORCID  ResearcherID   Scopus

Editorial Board

Stefan Andersson-Engels – Tyndall National Institute, Ireland ORCID  ResearcherID  Scopus 
Alexey N. Bashkatov – Saratov National Research State University, Russian Federation ORCID  ResearcherID   Scopus
Ekaterina Borisova – Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria  ORCID  ResearcherID   Scopus
Wei Chen – University of Central Oklahoma, USA  ORCID   Scopus
Arthur Chiou – National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan  Scopus
Elina A. Genina – Saratov National Research State University, Russian Federation  ORCID   ResearcherID   Scopus
Min Gu – Swinburne University, Australia   ResearcherID  Scopus
Dror Fixler – Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel  Scopus
Vyacheslav Kalchenko – The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel  ORCID   ResearcherID   Scopus
Nikolay G. Khlebtsov – Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms RAS, Russian Federation  ORCID  ResearcherID   Scopus
Juergen Lademann – Charite University Clinic, Germany Scopus
Kirill V. Larin – University of Houston, USA  ORCID  ResearcherID   Scopus
Martin Leahy – University of Galway, Ireland  ORCID   ResearcherID   Scopus
Qingming Luo – Hainan University, China  Scopus
Stephen J. Matcher – University of Sheffield, Great Britain  Scopus
Aleksandra M. Mayorova – Samara Branch of P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences  ORCID  ResearcherID   Scopus
Igor Meglinski – University of Oulu, Finland   ORCID  ResearcherID   Scopus
Vladimir S. Pavelyev – Image Processing Systems Institute RAS, Russian Federation  ResearcherID   Scopus
Francesco Pavone – University of Florence, Italy  ORCID   ResearcherID   Scopus
Roberto Pini – Institute of Applied Physics, Italy  ResearcherID   Scopus
Igor A. Platonov – Samara National Research University, Russian Federation  ResearcherID   Scopus
Juergen Popp – Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany  ResearcherID   Scopus
Alexander V. Priezzhev – Moscow State University, Russian Federation  ORCID   ResearcherID   Scopus
David Sampson – The University of Western Australia, Australia  ORCID  ResearcherID   Scopus
Alexander Savitsky – Institute of Biochemistry RAS, Russian Federation  ResearcherID   Scopus
Alexander P. Shkurinov – Moscow State University, Russian Federation; a corr.-member of RAS  ResearcherID   Scopus 
Peter So – Massachusetts Institute of Technologies, USA  Scopus 
Janis Spigulis – University of Latvia, Latvia  ORCID   Scopus
Ilya V. Turchin – Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Russian Federation   ORCID  ResearcherID   Scopus
Lihong V. Wang – California Institute of Technology, USA   ORCID  ResearcherID   Scopus
Ruikang Wang – University of Washington, USA  Scopus
Xunbin Wei – Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Scopus
Dan Zhu – Britton Chance Center for Biomedical Photonics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China  Scopus