Bundle branch block detection based on QRS analysis of digital ECG signal

Nikita S. Davydov (Login required)
Technical cybernetics department, Samara National Research University, Russia

Alexander G. Khramov
Technical cybernetics department, Samara National Research University, Russia

Paper #3101 received 2016.09.21; revised manuscript received 2016.09.28; accepted for publication 2016.09.29; published online 2016.09.30.

DOI: 10.18287/JBPE16.02.030401


In this study a new method of bundle branch block detection based on simple mathematical analysis is proposed. During our research we have done analysis of digital ECG signal and formulated a new algorithm of detection, which uses the most common mathematical methods of maximum and minimum search and calculating the mean value. All pieces of evidence of bundle branch block, which is used in this study, connected with QRS-complex and it properties. Besides part of QRS-complex detection, this method does not use any of signal transformation. QRS-detection algorithm does not effect on next stages and can be changed if it necessary. Final algorithm has been studied by 39 test samples. As a result of it 73% sensitivity has been reached.


ECG; mathematical analysis; bundle branch block; QRS-complex; heart diseases

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