Influence of Laser Activating Nutrient Media on Bacterial Growing Dynamics

Lubov A. Kokorina
Irkutsk State Medical University, Russian Federation

Anna V. Neupokoeva (Login required)
Irkutsk State Medical University, Russian Federation

Elena R. Gerok
Irkutsk State Medical University, Russian Federation

Ksenia V. Rogova
Irkutsk State Medical University, Russian Federation

DOI: 10.18287/JBPE20.06.010301


The laser irradiation effect of nutrient media solutions on their microstructure and, as a result, on the dynamics of bacterial growth in photomodified media is considered in the article. It is experimentally shown that the growth rate of bacteria varies depending on the irradiation media time, that allows us to control the dynamics of bacterial cultures.


laser biostimulation; structure modification

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