Change of optical properties of hair cells during malignant tumour development

Valeriya S. Maryakhina (Login required)
Orenburg state university, Russian Federation

Larisa S. Scheglova
Orenburg state university, Russian Federation

Ksenia A. Anenkova
M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state university, Russian Federation

Paper #1868 received 2014.11.29; revised manuscript received 2015.01.13; accepted for publication 2015.01.16; published online 2015.03.28.

DOI: 10.18287/jbpe-2015-1-1-59


The results of experimental investigations on the differences of wool microstructure and its biophysical properties of healthy mice and mice with malignant tumor(s) are represented in the paper. It is shown that destruction of wool structure as well as biochemical composition change of wool cells is during pathology development. Difference is seen even when tumor is small. We have shown that the general regularity of spectral measurements for mammary and hair cells is conserved at health state and pathology present. Taking into account this, the represented data about wool structure can be used to improve the optical techniques for non-invasive diagnostics of cancer diseases at different stages of pathology.


breast cancer; hair; optical biomedical diagnostics; dynamic light scattering; fluorescence.

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