Lung neoplasm diagnostics using Raman spectroscopy and autofluorescence analysis

Valery P. Zakharov
Laser and biotechnical systems department, Samara State Aerospace University, Russia

Ivan A. Bratchenko
Laser and biotechnical systems department, Samara State Aerospace University, Russia

Dmitry N. Artemyev (Login required)
Laser and biotechnical systems department, Samara State Aerospace University, Russia

Oleg O. Myakinin
Laser and biotechnical systems department, Samara State Aerospace University, Russia

Dmitry V. Kornilin
Laser and biotechnical systems department, Samara State Aerospace University, Russia

Sergey V. Kozlov
Oncology Department, Samara State Medical University, Russia

Alexander A. Moryatov
Oncology Department, Samara State Medical University, Russia

Paper #1988 received 2014.12.11; revised manuscript received 2015.01.20; accepted for publication 2015.01.20; published online 2015.03.28.

DOI: 10.18287/jbpe-2015-1-1-70


A method of lung neoplasm diagnostics is proposed based on the combined analysis of Raman and autofluorescence spectra excited by laser beam with the wavelength 785 nm. Such approach allows fast selection of the pathology region followed by differentiation of the neoplasm type. The developed method demonstrated the sensitivity of 90.9% and the specificity of 71.4% in the differentiation of squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma cases.


Raman spectroscopy; autofluorescence; optical diagnostics for medicine; spectroscopy; tissue diagnostics; lung cancer

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