Using Fourier spectroscopy for the assessment of oxidative degradation of polypropylene medical meshes

Nikolay P. Kozlov
Optics and spectroscopy Department, Samara National Research University, Russia

Rafael I. Fairushin (Login required)
Optics and spectroscopy Department, Samara National Research University, Russia

Paper #3140 received 24 Dec 2016; revised manuscript received 10 May 2017; accepted for publication 10 May 2017; published online 1 Jun 2017.

DOI: 10.18287/JBPE17.03.020310


We considered the effect of oxidative degradation of polypropylene (PP) on its spectral properties. For this aim, the model experiments have been performed on the oxidation of PP mesh by the exposure to UV radiation and the technique of quantitative assessment of the appeared oxygen-containing groups has been elaborated. As a result, the concentrations of carbonyl and hydroxyl groups were found and the detection ability of the technique was estimated.


IR Fourier spectroscopy; polypropylene mesh; oxidation of polypropylene

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