Analysis of albumin Raman scattering registration efficiency from different volume and shape cuvette

Anastasia A. Lykina (Login required)
Samara National Research University, Russia

Dmitry N. Artemyev
Samara National Research University, Russia

Ivan A. Bratchenko
Samara National Research University, Russia

Paper #3157 received 7 Feb 2017; revised manuscript received 16 Apr 2017; accepted for publication 7 May 2017; published online 15 May 2017.

DOI: 10.18287/JBPE17.03.020309


The cuvette shape influence on the Raman registration efficiency at small volumes of albumin (0.15-1 ml) using the PLS model was analysed. This paper examines the smallest measurement error RMSE of 3-6 g/l with a correlation coefficient R2 = 0.95 was achieved for pure Raman spectra extraction by baseline correction with asymmetric least squares smoothing method for aluminum spherical type cuvette-reflectors. Its curvature center was matched with the focal spot of the exciting laser. The error of albumin concentration determination equaled about 5% of albumin normal concentration in a blood plasma using a spherical cuvette with a volume of 0.55 ml. A further decrease of the cuvette volume led to a sharp loss of the method prediction accuracy.


albumin; raman spectroscopy; PLS

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