The Role of Sm3+ Energy Transfer on White Emission of La1.98Dy0.02MgTiO6 Double Perovskite Nano-Phosphors for Endoscopy and Laparoscopy LEDs

Veena Vannadil Puthiyaveetil
Kannur University, Kerala, India

Shilpa Cherlan Kottianmadathil
Kannur University, Kerala, India

Jasira Seere Valappil
Kannur University, Kerala, India

Nissamudeen Kavukuzhi Meerasahib (Login required)
Kannur University, Kerala, India

Paper #7649 received 22 Feb 2023; revised manuscript received 4 Jul 2023; accepted for publication 8 Jul 2023; published online 14 Aug 2023.


Decent lighting is a major requisite in Laparoscopic and Endoscopic examinations, as the illumination is below the edge value, the image becomes distorted resulting inaccurate outcome. Double perovskites with flexible formulas and structures, lithic chemical-physical properties, and suitable optical bandgap, are the most suited candidates for such illumination devices. Novel perovskite nano-phosphor La1.97Dy0.02Sm0.01MgTiO6 ace among the group with violet-blue-yellow-red emission, which gives luminescence 3-fold than conventional lighting sources, owing to Dy3+→Sm3+ energy transfer mechanism with efficiency 53%. The Commission Internationale de I’Elcairage (CIE) chromaticity coordinates are (0.322, 0.324) with color temperature 5835K, neighboring to ideal white light, which is threshold in picking the exact light source for endoscopic and laparoscopic applications. So, a meticulous optimization on broad white emission of La1.97Dy0.02Sm0.01MgTiO6 to the neutral point for biomedical application is an inevitability.


perovskite nano-phosphors, endoscopy, white light emitting diodes

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