Design of a Photonic Integrated Device with an on-Chip k-Clock and Tunable Reference Arm for Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography

Ivan V. Stepanov orcid (Login required)
Ufa University of Science and Technology, Russia

Evgeniy A. Talynev
Ufa University of Science and Technology, Russia

Anton A. Ivanov
Ufa University of Science and Technology, Russia

Ruslan V. Kutluyarov orcid
Ufa University of Science and Technology, Russia

Elizaveta P. Grakhova orcid
Ufa University of Science and Technology, Russia

Paper #8962 received 27 Apr 2023; revised manuscript received 14 Jul 2023; accepted for publication 14 Jul 2023; published online 28 Sep 2023.


The paper presents a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design that offers a high degree of integration of building blocks required to implement a swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) system. The device includes an interferometer, sample arm, k-clock, and a tunable reference path integrated on a single chip implemented based on the silicon nitride fabrication platform. The PIC elements are optimized to perform low losses and minimal dispersion around a central operation wavelength of 1310 nm, which is critical for applications such as OCT. The device was simulated using Ansys Lumerical software. Simulation results show that the proposed PIC provides precise control of the scanning depth with a resolution of 0.725 nm/mV. Also, the frequency of the OCT signal does not exceed 17 GHz for scanning distances below 5 mm.


optical coherence tomography; photonic integrated circuits; swept-source OCT; integrated k-clock; tunable reference path

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