Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy applications in breathomics

Yury V. Kistenev (Login required)
Tomsk State University, Russia
Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk, Russia

Alexey V. Borisov
Tomsk State University, Russia
Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk, Russia

Victor V. Nikolaev
Tomsk State University, Russia
Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science of Siberian Branch of the RAS, Tomsk, Russia

Denis A. Vrazhnov
Tomsk State University, Russia
Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science of Siberian Branch of the RAS, Tomsk, Russia

Dmytry A. Kuzmin
Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk, Russia

Paper #3307 received 25 Nov 2018; accepted for publication 20 Mar 2019; published online 28 Mar 2019.

DOI: 10.18287/JBPE19.05.010303


The breathomics approach to express-diagnosis of bronchopulmonary diseases based on spectral analysis of volatile organic compounds in a patient’s exhaled air is discussed. The basic demands and possible technical solutions to laser photoacoustic spectroscopy equipment in a framework of breathomics are presented. An example of differential diagnostics of the set of bronchopulmonary diseases, including lung cancer (LC) patients (N = 9); patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (N = 12); patients with pneumonia (N = 11) and a control group of healthy volunteers using breath air analysis by laser photoacoustic spectroscopy and machine learning is presented.


Breathomics; exhaled air analysis; laser photoacoustic spectroscopy; optical parametric oscillator; machine learning; lung cancer

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